Our wonderful community where members talk about creating and improving their RuneScape Private Server development. Register your client with us and instantly receive your very own page with webclient easily managed with an advanced control panel making it possible to customize your login and start up screen. Register your RuneScape Private Server on our top list, vote to reach the top and show the world how good your RSPS is, gain new players within an instance. Make use of our tools to ease yourself at programming your RSPS. Use our item, non-player character, object and render database to access data easily for your given revision within an instance.

Latest announcements

Undergone maintenance

For the past few days RSPSCoding had been offline to undergo maintenance to our servers. As we got new dedicated IP addresses I've taken the liberty of registering us with CloudFlare for an extra security layer and speed optimization method.

In order to keep our server's IP address a secret we've temporarily disabled postback and API vote verification pushes until I've set up a proxy server to transmit this data. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have led to and we'll make sure everything is running smoothly again.

V4.0 release

Finally the time has come, the release of RSPSCoding V4.0, our final destination in revolutionary RSPS support-services. V4.0 is tooled with fully a customizable webclient creator, top list pages, create your own item-database-searcher and more.
Our webclient creator with a new, faster cache downloader, customizable interfaces, new loaders (better then ever, revamped and properly rewritten), set your own custom loaders with custom main-classes.
Nothing much changed for the top list but the front-end design. More actual content-rich updates may come to the top list in the future. Though we've added the ability to rate RSPS' by giving it stars and writing a review.
Our latest release is custom item-database-searchers for RSPS' with customizable responsive-design. Register one in the control panel for your spawn servers. Databases in general have been updated with a filter for twenty-six revisions and a new database has been added to look-up stand, walk and run animations of renders.
We've been working on a developer blog to bring us closer to the actual developers. Here we'll release handy tools by RSPSCoding like our personal API which will support real-time communication, which means no more call-backs and unnecessary steps.
Fill your basket in the new store, purchase new advertisement campaigns which will be placed across RSPSCoding, various of other new perks for your registered-services like upgrades for list pages and a new premium upgrade for your webclient.
We've made a few major changes that may infect both new and old users, to add and edit registered pages and such you've to go to your control panel which is located in a dropdown at your profile picture in the right corner of the navigation bar. We're currently working on a tour when signing in on the new site for the first time.


The veteran rank is dedicated to users who experienced the forum and have extensive knowledge of the beginning of our community. To be considered for the requirements to become a veteran, you must have the following credentials:

You must have been with the community for over four years and you must have been active for the past two years. The individual must also be contributing towards the community throughout these four years, by creating positive posts and by helping members on our forums. Each requirement must be met accordingly to become a veteran.

However, if a veteran has been inactive for two months or more the veteran rank will be removed from their account (we check the last online and the last post date, so only checking our forums will not let you keep the rank).

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