Our wonderful community where members talk about creating and improving their RuneScape Private Server development. Register your client with us and instantly receive your very own page with webclient easily managed with an advanced control panel making it possible to customize your login and start up screen. Register your RuneScape Private Server on our top list, vote to reach the top and show the world how good your RSPS is, gain new players within an instance. Make use of our tools to ease yourself at programming your RSPS. Use our item, non-player character, object and render database to access data easily for your given revision within an instance.

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Post Ranks

Hello Members,

It has come to my attention that some users want post back as others do not so to settle this dispute we will hold a voting poll for 2 weeks. But if post are to be added we will be moderating post carefully to insure that there is no spamming or just meaning less post.

Good Luck!

RSPSCoding Logo Competition

Hello members of RSPSCoding,

To start off I'd like to say the competition is to see who can make the best RSPSCoding logo. The winner of the competition logo will be displayed on the website. If you're a graphic designer and are looking to get your work seen, this competition for you.

There will be an official voting poll for the logo competition. The winner of this competition will have their logo displayed on the forum and chatbox for a duration for 2 month, reputation boost , and a unique Competition Winner rank. Please pick the logo you think looks the best. Which one do you think suits our forum theme and concept? It's up to you to pick the winning logo.

Post your pick and the reason why you think your logo choice is the best! Voting will stay open for 2 week from this date, ending on April 3rd, 2015.

Good luck to those who submitted a logo.

Earn money by voting

From now on you'll earn money by voting, this money also known as in-store credits can be spend in the store to buy upgrades for your RSPS, donator status' on the forum or even banner campaigns. Every twenty votes you obtain for your RSPS will be worth one dollar, at the end of each month when the votes will be reset the whole amount you've earned will be deposited in your virtual wallet.

The votes you've been given from upgrades you've bought for your list page will not count (this applies to the bronze, silver and gold upgrade). More towards the calculation of your earnings from votes, you'll not only receive a dollar for every twenty votes but even for twenty-four or thirty votes. If you've any more questions regarding the calculation or the earning of money from votes feel free to post below or send us a private message.

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